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How to cut aluminum composite panels?

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Cutting of aluminum composite panels. For vertical and horizontal panel cutting, circular saws with a maximum cutting speed of 5500 rpm, a maximum feed rate of 30 m/min and a saw diameter of 200-350 mm can be used, as well as precision frame saws. Cutting tools shall be made of non-ferrous hard metal alloys with […]

Types of composite panel joints

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There are several types of joining of aluminum composite panels: gluing, welding, mechanical joining, riveting, screwing, profile joining. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. Gluing Aluminum composite surfaces can be bonded with any metal adhesive or with suitable universal adhesives. When bonding composite materials to other materials, it is necessary to use […]

Trays as facade cladding material.

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Composite coffers are a modern way to equip the facade of any object. In Europe, they became popular in the 2000s, when composite sheet material began to appear on the market. The composite sheet, in turn, is a kind of sandwich: a layered composition of three elements. The top and bottom layers are made of […]

Aluminum composite facade. The main advantages of the material.

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Aluminum composite panels are one of the most popular materials for building cladding. The reasons for this popularity are many. Among the main features are durability, high installation speed and relatively low weight. In favor of the choice of composite material are its aesthetic qualities. Panel-Composite.COM ‘s color selection includes today’s most popular color palettes: […]

Use of Aluminum Composite Panels

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the use of aluminum composite panels has reached its largest scale in the manufacture of ventilated facades. This type of coating system consists of several layers characterized by high thermal capacity values. The most interesting thing about a ventilated facade is that it allows a kind of chimney effect between the layers. The mineral aggregate […]

Advantages of Aluminum Composite Panel

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Aluminum core panels can be used for multiple purposes, such as house construction, roofing, cladding, etc. They offer customers many advantages over other types of building materials and are therefore used for almost all construction purposes in urban and metropolitan cities. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL sheets mentioned […]

Ways to Improve the Fire Performance of Aluminum Composite Panels

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Aluminum composite panel is a building material widely used for cladding facades and other surfaces. It is composed of two metal sheets with a low weight polymer core. This material is highly valued for its versatility and resistance, however, its fire performance is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting this material […]

How is the aluminum composite panel manufactured?

Como se fabrica el panel de composite?

What is the manufacturing process of aluminum composite panels? A fabrication shop equipped to work sheet metal is an asset for any modern siding project. The popularity of metal coatings has grown and shops around the world are revolutionizing their methods to meet the increasing demand for products such as aluminum composite panels (ACP). ACP, […]

What is aluminum composite?

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Aluminum composite panels, the facade materials used for the cladding, are lightweight and resistant in all circumstances. Aluminum composite panels are often the preferred choice for large-area elements, as they are easy to transport and install. Discover all its advantages. What is aluminum composite? The aluminum composite consists of two materials, plastic and aluminum, with […]

Aluminum Composite Panel Price

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Aluminum Composite Panel Pricing: A Complete Guide Aluminum composite panel, or aluminum composite panel, is an innovative and versatile material that is increasingly used in many architectural and construction projects. It is a popular choice due to its light weight, durability and versatility. However, one factor that often concerns many buyers is the price of […]