Discover all the finishes of PANEL COMPOSITE

Aluminum Composite Panel Applications

Choosing an exterior cladding can be easier with the use of composite materials. In addition, they are available in a wide range of colors and styles, allowing architects and designers to create eye-catching facades.

Facades and Siding

The aluminum composite panel is an ideal material for this function, offering both aesthetic and practical comparative advantages.

Overhangs and Canopies

For overhangs and canopies it is an ideal product to give a really good finish.

Restoration and Rehabilitation

The composite panel allows us to cover any size and shape, making it ideal for rehabilitation.

Interior Finishes

Composite panels are a modern solution for interior decoration and are frequently used in furniture, displays, corporate image compositions, etc.

Balcony Cladding

Thanks to its performance and the possibility of milling and bending, it is ideal for window and door finishing.

Column Coating

Thanks to its great versatility, the composite panel can be bent and is an ideal product for column cladding.

Industrial Uses

The composite panel is suitable for industrial use thanks to its high performance in both milling and finishing.


Ideal for signage and advertising. You can make letters, shapes and any idea you have.