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Use of Aluminum Composite Panels

the use of aluminum composite panels has reached its largest scale in the manufacture of ventilated facades. This type of coating system consists of several layers characterized by high thermal capacity values.

The most interesting thing about a ventilated facade is that it allows a kind of chimney effect between the layers. The mineral aggregate creates constant ventilation in the chamber and maintains a stable temperature. Thus, in summer, heat is effectively dissipated and air circulation is resumed. In winter, the opposite effect is observed: air circulation slows down and heat is retained.

Since aluminum composite panels began their journey in the construction industry, their performance has been steadily improving. It is now an easily modifiable product that allows for different assembly forms, colors, transformations and uses, both to cover the entire façade and to isolate its individual elements.

It is also used for the placement of trim and finishes on windows, wall coverings and endless possibilities. It is a material that can be milled on the underside and allows the possibility of bending and curving.