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How to cut aluminum composite panels?

Cutting of aluminum composite panels.

For vertical and horizontal panel cutting, circular saws with a maximum cutting speed of 5500 rpm, a maximum feed rate of 30 m/min and a saw diameter of 200-350 mm can be used, as well as precision frame saws. Cutting tools shall be made of non-ferrous hard metal alloys with the maximum possible number of teeth of trapezoidal or flat geometry. Tooth pitch: 10 – 12 mm. Tooth thickness: 2 – 4 mm. Positive chip angle 100, free angle 15-170. To produce an angled cut, the panel must be placed at an angle. For smaller jobs, manual circular saws equipped with a guide system can be used to ensure a precise cut. Aluminum composite material can be easily cut using the “scissors” principle. The tolerance between the cut edges must be adjusted to avoid rounding the panel edges.
Cutting of aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels can be cut by two methods: cutting and slicing.

Hydraulic guillotine-type cutters can be used to cut the panels, the cutting angle must be less than 1.5°. To prevent damage to the outer face of the material, it is necessary to place a protective rubber gasket between the cutter clamping mechanism and the sheet metal.

Sawing of composite panels is done with circular and band saws, jig saws.

Caution Saws must be equipped with a reliable chip collection system. Panels should only be cut in the same direction as indicated by the arrows on the panel.

Cutting several aluminum panels at the same time

The standard electric saw has a maximum cutting depth of 55-65 mm, so it is possible to cut several composite panels at the same time. However, the following condition must be met: the cut must be made at the front of the panel and the disc exit must be at the rear of the panel. This will ensure a uniform work of the front edge of the panel with a partial roll up of the edge of the top layer of the aluminum panel.