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What is aluminum composite?

Aluminum composite panels, the facade materials used for the cladding, are lightweight and resistant in all circumstances. Aluminum composite panels are often the preferred choice for large-area elements, as they are easy to transport and install. Discover all its advantages.

What is aluminum composite?

The aluminum composite consists of two materials, plastic and aluminum, with complementary properties. Composite is known for its high resistance, especially to weathering and climatic variations. It acts as a double protective skin for the facades. This material also improves the thermal insulation of buildings.

Thanks to their technical and aesthetic qualities, aluminum composite panels for exterior cladding are ideal for cladding the facades of all types of buildings. Aluminum composite panels adapt to all architectural styles and different configurations. Thanks to their variety of finishes and colors, they can satisfy all the wishes and requirements of architects.

What are the advantages of aluminum composite panels for exterior cladding?

Aluminum composite panels meet all the requirements for creating contemporary facades. They meet the strict technical requirements necessary to guarantee the quality and safety of the facades.

When it comes to exterior facades, the two major advantages of aluminum composite panels are their light weight and flatness. Aluminum composite is a very light material, which facilitates its use and installation, even on large surfaces. Composite liners also have many other qualities:

Wide range of colors


Resistance to impact and breakage

Flexural strength

Acoustic insulation

Excellent corrosion resistance

Bending and drilling

Fully recyclable

Easy to use and install

Panel-Composite.COM the reference in composite panels for facades

Panel-Composite.COM is known for its expertise in aluminum composite façade cladding panels. As experts in façade cladding, we can assist you in all stages of your project, from design to installation.

Panel-Composite.COM has the best known references in exterior cladding panels:

3D cladding, perforated, curved or brushed/glossy facades

With aluminum composite panels, we offer different textures to create different types of exterior cladding.

3D cladding: to offer you a wide range of shapes, Panel-Composite.COMi offers you embossed cladding that can take various forms.

Perforated cladding: perforated aluminum facades give an impression of depth and contrast. Perforated aluminum cladding not only protects buildings perfectly, but also gives them character.

Curved cladding: aluminum composite panels adapt to the shape of your facade, so don’t shy away from curves.

Brushed/pearlized/glossy cladding: Panel-Composite.COM offers you the possibility to choose between a bold brushed, pearlized or glossy finish for the aluminum panels that will form the cladding of your building.

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