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Aluminum composite facade. The main advantages of the material.

Aluminum composite panels are one of the most popular materials for building cladding. The reasons for this popularity are many. Among the main features are durability, high installation speed and relatively low weight. In favor of the choice of composite material are its aesthetic qualities. Panel-Composite.COM ‘s color selection includes today’s most popular color palettes: RAL, RAL design and NCS. In addition to solid colors, special technologies make it possible to imitate natural and artificial surfaces such as wood, marble, stone, concrete, ferrous and non-ferrous metals in mirror or matte versions, as well as metals subject to corrosion – and this is by no means a complete list of textures that composite can replace. This variety makes the choice of color solutions almost unlimited.

Not infrequently the material is used on an ad hoc basis, when the composite does not cover the entire object, but only part of the building. A striking example is the use of products in the entrance group of large shopping malls and residential buildings. In general, the scale of buildings with the use of composite on the facade can be any, here are the most popular variants:


Shopping malls;

Sports facilities;

Administrative buildings;

Residential complexes;

Automobile centers;

Cafes, restaurants;

Entrance groups, building friezes, etc.

The composite material can be combined with any other facade finishing variant. The substitution of analogs in favor of composite in many cases is able to reduce the cost of the final construction. The diversity of use is due to the physical properties of the composite – flexibility and relative ease of processing. Construction teams appreciate the material for the reduction of installation time on objects.

The long service life (not less than 25 years) is confirmed by the documents. The facades retain their aesthetic properties despite environmental influences.

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