Discover all the finishes of PANEL COMPOSITE

R&D Products

  • 5.1 Coastal primer
  • 5.2 FastClean
  • 5.3 EuraCool
  • 5.1 Coastal primer.

It consists of a special primer for aggressive environments that provides a total paint thickness of 31 microns and is applied in combination with 70% PVdF Kynar 500. When fixed on a marine alloy such as 5005-H22, it multiplies the panel’s service life.

Especially protects edges and folding points, the most delicate in marine environments. It provides a warranty of more than 10 years for waterfront projects, eliminating the possibility of blistering or delamination of the paint in marine environments, without the need to resort to a PVdF Trilayer.

  • 5.2 FastClean

It is a PVdF Trilayer paint, being its third layer a clear transparent FEVE (Fluoroethylene / Vinyl Ether) of 12-15µ with special additives applicable in any color in PVdF quality of the panels. Fastclean is the solution for every architect and project that wants to protect its building against dirt.

  • 5.3 EuraCool:

It is a special paint PVdF 70% Kynar 500 with 30% of special pigments with high reflection to the solar rays affecting the TSR value. (Total Solar Reflectance). Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) is expressed as the fraction of solar energy that is reflected by the surface in the three zones of the solar spectrum (ultraviolet, visible and infrared). EuraCool PVdF paints increase the total solar reflectance by reducing the surface temperature of the panels.