Discover all the finishes of PANEL COMPOSITE


  • 1.1 PE
  • 1.2 FR
  • 1.3 WOOD
  • 1.4 METASL
  • 1.5 SPECIALS
  • 1.6 SIGNI
  • 1.1 Pe

It is a composite panel designed for the realization of architectural facades. It consists of two aluminum sheets joined by a core of low density polyethylene (LDPE) thermoplastic resins.

  • 1.2 Fr

It is a composite panel manufactured with an exclusive core of mineral fibers that gives it an extraordinary resistance to fire, reaching the classification B,s1-d0 EN 13501. FR leads a new generation of composites to meet the needs posed by the new architecture; a technologically advanced product, fire resistant, but without renouncing at any time to the design concepts and finishes demanded by architects and installers. The special characteristics of the larson fr mineral core are adapted to the maximum requirements of the new Technical Building Code DB-SI for fire safety, with reference to facade cladding and envelopes in its different assembly systems.

  • 1.3 Wood

It is a composite panel formed by two aluminum sheets joined by a core of thermoplastic (LDPE) or mineral (FR) resins, with “wood” finishes of different shades, obtained by the application of HQP or PVdF paints, specifically prepared for exteriors and with an extraordinary resistance to aging. They transmit the warmth of wood, with the advantages of our composite panels. Finishes: English Cherry (Exclusive) – Elegant Oak (Exclusive) – Light wenge (Exclusive) – Dark wenge (Exclusive) – Colonial Red – Wenge Royal – Walnut – Sunglow.

  • 1.4 Metals

They are composite panels that transmit the veracity of noble metals such as stainless steel, copper, zinc or brass. Ecological, because they do not require any treatment; alive, because they allow the evolution of the metals used; with the lightness and planimetry of composites.

  • 1.5 Specials

It is the range of composite panels with textured finishes, Supermate, Mirror, Holo and other really spectacular ones.

  • 1.6 Signi

With this panel it is possible to combine different total panel thicknesses and aluminum skins in PVdF, Polyester and HQP finishes. This product was developed to meet the growing demand in the fields of corporate image, advertising, signage, interior design, furniture, decoration, false ceilings, etc.