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Benefits of the StarModul system

All the benefits of our StarModul bolted structure construction system

Assembly time

StarModul bolted joints do not require welding. We reduce assembly times up to 60% compared to steel framing or traditional structures.

Cost reduction

By dispensing with welding, only by screwing, we reduce the whole project cost. By reducing labor, we achieve a very competitive price per m2.

Infinct combinations

We achieve any type of design without any limitation as we have more than 100 bolted metal joints for different profile sizes.

Patented System

Our system is patented, and is based on a series of parts that allows individuals and professionals to build metal structures in a simple way.

New construction system for the 21st century

Because it complies with all the canons of efficiency in terms of cost, speed, rationality, sustainability, simplicity, structural suitability and efficiency that are demanded in these current times.

Screw mounting, no welding required

A "nuance" more than important at the time of making an installation, since the technical means, tools and knowledge are reduced to the minimum expression. This also minimizes the risks derived from the use of fire and electricity, especially in places with humidity or fire risk.

Recyclable due to its detachable property

As it is a bolted system, it can be reused or adapted in whole or in part. It also has the characteristic of being sustainable due to the recyclability of the metal that forms it.

Endless possibilities for structures of any type

Assembling rigid structures, with nodes that allow different angles, makes it possible to build almost any structural element that the mind can conceive, for different and very different uses, with the common denominator of our technology.

High compatibility

Compatible with the standard profiles on the market that conform to the reference dimensions and valid for any section of the same. Compatibility with metal tube, aluminum, grey, HUB, stainless steel...

Strong, consistent and lightweight structural system

These characteristics make our structures the best solution for assembly on weak or old structures that cannot be overloaded. For example, for terrace enclosures, roof repairs, etc.

Light foundation due to its low weight and consequent pressure on the ground.

In the case of sheds, warehouses, barns, offices, etc. The foundation required is minimal. Generally, it consists of a small, lightly reinforced slab or spread footing with a small cross-section. This makes assembly much cheaper and simpler.

Unique, patented and CE marked product

Thanks to the Do It Yourself self-assembly certificate, the project can be easily extended without disassembly. An important feature is the possibility to vary the design of the project, during or after completion, in shape or dimensions, in a simple and inexpensive way.